DeWolf Playground in Bedford

Remember last year when they tore down that old wooden ship playground at Dewolf Park in Bedford? Well I finally got out to the new playground with the itsy bitsy ones and my only disappointment with it was that I wish we'd gone sooner. It is fantastic!

It's a truly toddler friendly playground structure. Both my two year old and four year old were able to access every piece of equipment from some angle. There were some climbing pieces that were too advanced for them right now but that it a good thing in my books as it means the structure will grow with them and continue to provide challenges and fun as they get bigger.

I know it's essentially on the same spot as the old one but somehow the space seems so much bigger. I think it's the fact that it's not a giant opaque wooden structure. The design is very  open so you can see everything all at once - and for someone with two busy children who like to go in opposite directions, that's incredible. I was always losing one or the other child inside the bowels of that wooden ship.

And, yet, it still maintains that nautical feel. With the masts and fun touches like a periscope (that actually works) the kids had no trouble identifying it as a ship.

One of their favourite features was the spinner. When I wrote an article about it last year I had trouble understanding exactly what it was but now I get it. A Spinner is basically the love child of a Disney tea cup and an old school playground merry-go-round. It looks like a giant bowl with seats and it's spun by adults or kids outside the bowl. It looks heavier than it is so I was surprised at how easy it was for little kids to give it a push. Miss M even figured out a way to lay on it AND push at the same time by stretching out on the side and occasionally putting her foot to the ground and pushing (though she ended up falling off and hurting her elbow, she was still proud of her creative problem solving overall).

Overcoming the problem of a mom tired of pushing them

A musical feature

A musical feature

Cute faux wooden stumps for climbing on

Cute faux wooden stumps for climbing on

Make sure you include a trip to this new and improved playground this summer (and don't forget to pack a picnic lunch as well because your kids are not going to want to leave!).

If you haven't been before take the Bedford Highway, turn onto Convoy Avenue by the fire station and then hang a right onto Waterfront Drive and you'll see it right away. There's lots of free parking and several shaded spots for getting out of the summer sun.

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