Are you Team "Puree Power" or Team "Let Them Eat Steak"?

At twenty-one months old Ahava Bourque has a refined palate. She dines on Japanese, Indian and Lebanese cuisine, chooses carrots over cheesies and prefers her steak medium-rare.

Her mother, Alva Ortile-Bourque, credits Baby Led Weaning (BLW), the self-feeding method that bypasses purees, with her daughter’s love of food. She says the first solid food Ahava tried was steamed carrots.

“There was definitely a lot of gagging. I was taking a video but deep inside I was preparing to take her out of her seat to do the back blows if needed. She did really well; I did not,” Ortile-Bourque laughs. “But I asked for opinions about the video and got an assurance that we did it correctly. That was the start of a very fulfilling BLW journey for our daughter.”

Dr. Jennifer Salib Huber, a Halifax naturopathic doctor and registered dietician, has been giving BLW workshops for 5 years and has coached hundreds of families through the process... Read the rest of the story in this month's Family Matters.