How To Prepare Your Child For Grade Primary

The signs blazing Back To School are everywhere I look these days — a constant reminder that I’m one year away from sending my oldest off to “big kid school,” which is a bit scary (for both of us). Shad Bay mom Victoria Horne knows how I feel.

She’s even closer to that big moment with her daughter, Violet, who starts school this year. They attended the orientation, which she says was very helpful, but there are still some worries.

“I think I’m most nervous about her adjusting to the new routine,” Horne says, “Sometimes listening to new rules can be challenging when there are so many exciting and new things going on around you.”

Horne has been trying to help Violet get ready by visiting the school playground regularly, working on self-sufficiency skills and increasing their stranger danger talks.

“[We’ve been] reminding her that she is never to go home with someone she doesn’t know, trust, and, most importantly, that doesn’t know our secret password,” Horne says.

Katrina Johnston is a primary teacher in Chester and has guided many families through the transition. “Primary is a big step in a child’s life and parents worry if their child is going to feel safe at school,” Johnston says, and shares some suggestions on what parents can do to help...