About us

I come from a long lineage of word lovers and child care workers (including more than one teacher, author, and librarian). I have been working with children since I was a child myself (I started baby-sitting at age eleven) and writing stories since I was eight years old.

I  am a professional writer and have worked as a community reporter and columnist, including a column about locally sourced parenting called I Love Local for Family Matters magazine, another column about getting active in the great outdoors called Go Outside for the Chronicle Herald community papers, and I am a contributing writer to many other local publications and businesses including Atlantic Books Today and Our Children magazine. You can learn more about my writing business on my website.

I love to learn and I have an eclectic collection of education, which includes a Bachelor of Recreation degree, Early Childhood Education diploma, Veterinary Assistant diploma and Masters of Education degree. 

My husband and I have two adorable Haligonian* children, a six year old daughter, Miss M, and a four year son, Mr. M.  We are always on the go - doing crafts and activities around the house; running around to local - and not-so-local - playgrounds, programs, and events; and checking out all the amazing people, places, and things our community has to offer families.

I am always eager to hear about great resources and outings for families in our community that we should check out; and if you're a business that would like to work with me to feature your family-focused business or service, please contact me directly itsybitsyhaligonians [at} gmail [dot] com or visit my Let's Work Together page to learn more about brands I've worked with and ways we may be able to work together. 

*And for those who have asked - a "Haligonian" is someone who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia!