Itsy Bitsy Haligonians posts a regular round-up of special events, programs and activities (both registered and drop-in) for parents of babies and toddlers (ages 0-2 ONLY) in the HRM. If your baby and toddler program also allows preschool aged children (such as in a playgroup), please include that information in the form and we will make note of it.

This is a free service as a resource for new parents in the HRM to connect with other parents and spend quality time with their small children. 

If you’re interested in running a more in-depth feature of your business, program or service on our site, we would be happy to talk about possible ways we can work together to do that. You can see some examples of services we offer and businesses we've worked with on our Let’s Work Together page.

Please fill out the form below with your program information and allow up to two weeks for it to be added to the listings.

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  • We reserve the right to refuse to list any program that does not meet our audience's profile, or for any other reason that we deem it's not a good fit for our brand. That being said, if you submit this, and do not see your program listed, please contact us in case it's simply a technical issue.