Waterfall Wonders

There is something magical about waterfalls, no matter what age you are. Whether it’s a child seeing their first one or an adult seeing their hundredth, it always feels a bit like spotting a shooting star or a rainbow. It urges you to stop and appreciate this spectacular show that nature has created.

The big difference between rainbows and waterfalls, though, is that you can seek out a waterfall any time you want to experience a little magic.

Nova Scotia is home to some incredible waterfalls: Ettinger Falls in Three Mile Plains, Egypt Falls in the Margaree area, the Victoria Park waterfalls in Truro. You could plan a whole trip around the province chasing waterfalls (sorry for putting that TLC earworm into your head).

The HRM has several of its own waterfalls, too. Some are miniature, like the four-foot high roadside one on Kings Road in Wellington (I tell my children it’s a fairy waterfall), some are medium and easily accessible, like Six Mile Falls along the BLT trail in the Timberlea area, and some are big and breathtaking, like Phantom Falls in Upper Musquodoboit. A quick google search will lead you to plenty of sites and blogs dedicated to plotting waterfalls all over the region.