Wine and Pancakes: Cooking with Kids

I recently found out that my four year old daughter knows how to make pancake batter (from scratch) by herself. She knows the ingredients she needs, the measuring tools to gather and what order everything goes in the bowl. She learned how to do it at her grandparents’ house.

After hearing about this my mind immediately jumped to an image of myself relaxing with a glass of wine while my two kids whip up dinner. I reached out to Wendy MacCallum, a Halifax nutrition consultant and author of two cookbooks for families, to see if she had any tips on how soon this fantasy could become a reality. 

10 Questions To Ask Your Child About Their Art

I recently wrote an article about the value of little kid art with the help of the good folks at the Halifax Early Childhood School (HECS). They gave me some great - and easy to follow - tips about how parents can better understand and appreciate their little ones' art including a list of questions to ask your kids when they present you with their art that will stimulate discussion and, perhaps, help you figure out the true meaning behind their art. 

How to Plan Meals & Make a Grocery List Like a BOSS

Meal planning is a challenge for even the most organized person (I speak from experience here). Once you throw in jobs and kids and other responsibilities it gets even harder to find the time to plan your weekly meals and create a shopping list that ensures you have everything you need for the week. Then I figured out a system that simplified this process and the task became a BREEZE.